Targets are chased with determination, following a working path result-oriented with the aim of developing and maintaining a long term working relation.


The quality of the results is pursued and achieved thanks to a strong strategic and operative relation with the client, a bond that is nurtured every day.


Our clients are constantly followed by a dedicated account and by the founder. This practice allows for an ongoing backup and for a multiplication of the opportunities for visibility.


Media relations

The systematic contact and the day-by-day development of positive relations with media operators are key activities in managing reputation. Such activities are followed by professionals, who worked and work in improving themselves through meetings with collaborators, editors, directors, breakfast meetings, conference calls and organization of events.

Public relations

We work to create relations and contacts with multiple stakeholder (associations, opinion leaders, organizations, etc). These networks are built and managed for and with clients. This is a complex and intensive activity, which helps to have a direct relation with stakeholder . This, in turn, is a condition that might create mutually interesting opportunities.

Content development

Writing of original contents, both in Italian or in English, with a journalistic side. Articles are written according to clients’ needs and forwarded to the reference target or to dedicated portals (blogs, websites, social profiles, etc). The main topics relates to financial markets or products, latest news or to regulatory changes.

Digital communication

We create and direct flows of contents and information towards the target chosen by our client with the aim of affirming the brand and its importance. To have a solid network with the target is a priority to pursue our objective, as much as to be able to provide dedicated services with limited and reserved access.


A friend is someone who knows all about you and loves you just the same

Elbert Green Hubbard, American writer, publisher, artist, and philosopher